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Legal Notice

Animal treatment is governed by the law, and it is vital that these legislations are adhered to - not only from a legal perspective but also to ensure the ongoing welfare of your animal(s). The therapies offered by Liz Harris are known as "complementary therapies," which means they complement veterinary care and are not an alternative to traditional medicine.

Veterinary Surgeons Act, 1966

It is illegal for any person to treat an animal unless they are a veterinary surgeon or a paraprofessional, as defined in the Veterinary Surgeons (Exemptions) Order, 1962. Liz is not a veterinary surgeon and is not classed as a paraprofessional under this legislation, and is therefore not allowed to treat any animal without prior consent (or referral) from the animal's veterinary surgeon. Owners must ask their veterinary surgeon for approval BEFORE their animal is treated.

Chiropractors Act, 1994

Liz Harris is fully qualified and insured to treat animals using McTimoney animal manipulation therapy, having graduated from McTimoney College (University of Wales). She is not qualified to treat humans and is therefore not a chiropractor, and is not registered with the General Chiropractic Council. She does not describe herself as a chiropractor, chiropractic practitioner, chiropractic physician, or any other type of chiropractor.

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