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McTimoney Therapy

About McTimoney Therapy
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The Treatment Process

About McTimoney Therapy

Like people, animals suffer from back, neck and other musculoskeletal problems, and can benefit from spinal manipulative therapy. McTimoney therapy is a manipulation and mobilisation technique which acts on the musculoskeletal system of the animal, and which aims to restore and maintain health and performance by regulating balance within the animal’s body.

Since the 1950s, McTimoney animal practitioners have been helping horses, dogs, cats and farm animals with a non-invasive technique which involves no drugs or anaesthetic. The treatment is carried out entirely by hand, which most animals accept quite readily, and it is a safe and effective treatment.

During a McTimoney treatment, the practitioner will manipulate any misaligned joints throughout the whole body, paying special attention to the spine and pelvis. This helps to relieve pain, releases nerves from any pressure caused by spinal misalignments, and removes painful areas of muscle spasm. McTimoney can stimulate the body’s own physiological healing mechanisms, and is useful in the treatment of ongoing or chronic conditions.

The treatment is holistic, and as such the practitioner will assess the entire animal and its lifestyle in order to identify the cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Why your horse may need McTimoney Therapy...

Why your dog may need McTimoney Therapy...

McTimoney for other animals...

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Palpation of thoracics
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McTimoney therapy for horses
Equine McTimoney
Weight bearing and modern competition put strain upon a horse's skeletal structure...
McTimoney therapy for dogs
Canine McTimoney
Dogs have extremely flexible
spines, but are susceptible to
McTimoney therapy for other animals
McTimoney for other Animals
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