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McTimoney Therapy

About McTimoney Therapy
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The Treatment Process

McTimoney Therapy for Other Animals

McTimoney is a very versatile treatment and has been used to treat a variety of animals. Cats can be successfully treated after road accidents, falls and other injuries, often responding readily to treatment. Cattle that have slipped over, working bulls with difficulty mounting and cows that have calving difficulties can often be helped by manipulation. Sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits and even birds have also been treated successfully.

McTimoney Therapy for Cows
McTimoney Therapy for Pigs
McTimoney Therapy for Sheep

As part of the second year of her McTimoney training, Liz was required to complete a research dissertation. For this, she studied pelvis angles in dairy cattle and found that cows with steep pelvises are more likely to suffer from calving problems.

Pelvic misalignment can not only be caused by a difficult calving, but can actually make future calvings more difficult. McTimoney therapy can effectively treat pelvic misalignment in animals and therefore is indicated in animals with a history of difficult birthing.

McTimoney Therapy for Cats
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McTimoney therapy for horses
Equine McTimoney
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McTimoney therapy for dogs
Canine McTimoney
Dogs have extremely flexible
spines, but are susceptible to
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